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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goodbye and Hello Again.

I said farewell to my fellow friends and trainees in India, hopped on the hour flight to Sri Lanka, and was greeted by my favorite taxi driver. We stopped for tea, picked up my bag that id left with a friend, and then stopped for some rice and curry. I love Indian food, but goddamn, I LOVE RICE AND CURRY! I LOVE SRI LANKA!!! It's so good to be home! Eventually we arrived in midigama. I unloaded my bags, and dropped them in my room at Asankas. I order tea for me and my taxi driver so he could rest before heading off. As we were sipping tea I had a feeling in my gut that I didn't want to be in Midi anymore. So I turned to my guy, asked if he had anywhere that he needed to be, and with that we reloaded my bags back into the car, threw my surfboard on top and were off. It was about 6 hours to Arugam Bay, but we chatted for a bit, listened to some loud Hindi music, and stopped for a few cups of tea.

I woke up this morning and had a surf at main point. I was greeted by everyone in town, all had remembered me from last year. I ran into two good friends from last year when I was in the lineup, and then reconnected with Lindsay and Brian (friends from home) who arrived in A Bay today as well. All I gotta say is "I'm home".

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