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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Moon Manifestations

I am fascinated by the incredible power of intention, and even more so by the power that the Universe offers us to support the process. The other night was the New Moon, which is an auspicious time to share with the Universe your desires and goals that you want to bring to fruition. To celebrate this and to bring more awareness to the process we held a ceremony on the grounds of Somaterram. Tara, Josephine, Georgia, Katie and myself gathered with our (carefully crafted) list of intentions under the night sky, armed with incense, sage, offerings of flowers, and a few devatas of dieties that are close to our hearts. The ceremony, facilitated by Tara, began with all of us cleansing our energy bodies with sage, and then by a vigorous ringing of the bell (bells, as well as clapping, help to clear the energy of a space). Tara read a prayer by the Grandmothers, and as she was reading, a hawk flew overhead. We centered ourselves with a few rounds of "Aum" and then we began. One by one we went around the circle, ringing the bell to begin and end, lighting our incense (which we put out after sharing and will burn completely at the upcoming full moon), and sharing with the group of list of intentions. The evening ended with the Ganapati mudra and mantra "Om Gung Ganapataye Namaha" to clear any obstacles that will get in the way of our intentions coming to existence.

I not only had a list of intentions, ranging from what I want in a partner, to teaching at Wanderlust, but I was also inspired by a journaling exercise that we had done earlier in the day. Danny and Lora had asked us to open our journal and write down our 'old story'...the blah blah bullshit story that we are so attached to. And then, flip the page, and write our 'new story'. At first glance I thought that this assignment was....well, stupid. But as I started to write, I realized all of the stories that I stay attached to, allowing to dictate, direct and demean me and my life path. I set the bar pretty high for my NEW STORY, but I'm excited for the challenge to RISE UP. I'm proud to be moving out of old patterns and creating a new higher vibration of living.

So, Jai Ganesha! Today I celebrate all of the new beginnings! Shri Kali Swaha! Today I celebrate the death of all of the relationships, thoughts, and habits that do not lift me up!

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