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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lanka Love.

This love is insatiable. It's never enough, and I always leave wanting more. Every day there is a new discovery, something magical being revealed, which adds depth to my growing devotion to this beautiful country. My love affair with Sri Lanka continues to evolve, as I fall under her spell, intoxicated by the bright green of the jungle, the intense heat of the suns rays, and the perfect, powerful, peeling waves. I feel in tune with the days here... the setting suns and rising moons. The simple days in this majestic Eastern oasis are more nourishing than the most exciting, luxury filled days in the West. I want for nothing when I'm here, only to be in Her presence. To feel a love like this is utterly terrifying. All guards are down, and I've given myself completely. Maybe it will end it heartbreak, but maybe it won' matter how it plays out I'm just grateful for each and every moment. And I tell you this, it doesn't come without it's challenges. Some days I fucking hate Sri Lanka! It's ass backwards and greedy and confusing and a real stubborn bitch at times-- but that's part of its magic I suppose, because I keep coming back for more, regardless of any of the struggles.

Every day has brought perfection in its simplicity, and I have had countless encounters that were fueled by incredible, raw love. But, there is a memory from my most recent rendezvous that I'm holding fondly in my heart. On Sunday evening, around half past seven, it rained. Just a light rain, only for a few minutes. The sun-saturated pavement ate up the shower, and the parched wild jungle soaked it up, with all of the bright greens shining a little brighter and standing a bit taller. There was a fresh smell to the heavy air, and though I was walking to meet a friend, I stopped- closed my eyes- and enjoyed a few deep breaths. It's moments like this that mean the most. And this moment I will continue to savor until I'm back, nestled in Her arms.

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