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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Originally this blog began with an apology for how much I have been talking about my Dad, and how emotional I've been. Then I realized that this is something that I shouldn't apologize for, and shouldn't feel bad for. There was a moment when I thought that I wouldn't share, and would keep it private-- but that's not the way I do things, and I hope that by sharing these stories that I'm able to comfort anyone who may be going through, or some day will experience, the same as me.

I miss my Dad. Duh. Nothing new there. But for the past few weeks I have been talking to him a lot, letting him know about how much I need him and how I would love to be more aware of his presence....

Well- my friend Allie Conover (owner and teacher at GRACE + GLORY YOGA in Northfield and Philly) wrote me a letter yesterday on Facebook. She said (and I hope that she doesn't mind me sharing)... "I had the wildest and most vibrant dream, which caused a physical response in my body. I had a dream that your dad came to me as a medium so I would reach out to you and make sure you know how much he is with you and he loves you. Cailin, it was probably the most real and bizarre dream I've ever had.... Like when I woke up, I swore that it actually happened. I could feel how much he loved you and how badly he wanted me to tell you. I'm sure this sounds crazy...but I wanted you to know, that even if it was just a dream, that that energy is out there."

I cried for a bit (Duh. Hahaha). But then I just felt really, incredibly full. I'm so happy to know that the connection after death can still be as strong so long as we are open to it.

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