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Friday, April 18, 2014

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

It all began on the 15th...I left the east coast of Sri Lanka at 7pm, packed into a taxi with Brian and Lindsay, headed to the south coast. Six hours later we dropped them off in midigama and then continued around and up the coast to the airport in Colombo. It took 3 hours and we stopped twice for tea. At 3am we arrived and I had 3 hours until my flight. At 6am we flew from Colombo to neighboring India, landing in Mumbai at breakfast time. I had a 16.5hr layover so I hopped a cab to the 5-star Hyatt Regency and treated myself to a day at their pool, doing yoga in the gym, getting a massage and enjoying some DELICIOUS FOOD. Back to airport, back through security lines and waiting by the gate. Then began my SIXTEEN HOUR flight to Newark, New Jersey. I couldn't sleep so I wrote up business plans, read, drafted emails, watched movies, and rocked out to tunes. Then there was a three hour layover in Newark. I was delirious and hungry, so I cheated and had a toasted bagel with cream cheese. God almighty it was delicious. Back on my flight, an hour on the runway, then a 6 hour flight to Cabo, Mexico. This flight was bullshit- no movies, no food-- just some overpriced "snack boxes", which I bought because I'm a sucker for almond butter. I arrived in Mexico, and then stood in more immigration lines and checkpoints. "Uncle Chuckles (Nina's uncle) picked me up and then it was about 2 hours drive to Todos Santos...the ultimate destination. We stopped off once to eat pastoras...a blog to follow later because they were the most goddamn delicious things in the whole world. When we got to chucks ammmmmmmazing home, he set me up in my private casita where I crashed for an hour before dinner time. I don't think that I was speaking English during dinner, and I'm pretty sure that I was crosseyed from delirium, but three days in transit and IVE ARRIVED.

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