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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Buffed and Beautiful.

Well, god dang. Sometimes you don't know how dirty you are until you've had a good scrub. I was sad to say "See you later" to Sri Lanka, but there are only exciting things ahead, and I'll be back 'home' in a few short months. So I wiped my tears, put on my big-girl-panties and got on the damn airplane. A short flight later I was in Mumbai for my *****16 HOUR LAYOVER*****. F*^% me. Thankfully I now have a ten year visa for India, so I was able to leave the airport and hop a cab around the corner to the luxury, five-star Hyatt Regency Hotel. For 6300 Indian rupees (about $100usd) you can purchase a package that includes
-60minute massage
-airport transfer
-use of the pool, spa, and gym
And a few other epic amenities. 

I haven't had a massage in forever, and after all of the surfing and long taxi rides, my body was READY! I slept for a few hours by the pool, and then spent a few hours (literally) moving from the sauna to the cold plunge, the steam room to the cold plunge, the whirlpool to the cold plunge...and then back again. I usually try to limit my towel usage whenever I'm at hotels, because I hate how all of their excessive washing wastes water and hurts the environment, but I was so filthy that I actually needed multiple towels and washcloths. As the heat of the sauna and steam room opened up my pores, they also helped to loosen the dirt and toxins have been all over my body. So I scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed. I took a proper shower with SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER....and I even combed my hair!!!!! I just ate the most exotic, delicious fruit platter (and also one of the most expensive), and in between bites of stone fruit and kiwi I would run my hand over my skin and admire how smooth it was. Squeaky clean, fully satisfied, and ready for the adventures that are up ahead! 

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