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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surf Safari

Well...not really, but we did get in a tuktuk and drive 3min down the road to Coconuts (which is *technically* in another town...). The surf was less than stellar, but when we arrived I was stopped by Erik, a local guy who owns Surf Life Guesthouse where I'd spent a few weeks last year. We got to talking and ended up heading back to his place to kill some time as the tide dropped. The crew (Brian, Lindsay and Courtney) hadn't played the local game Carram yet- so we busted out the board and laughed at our (pitiful) skills. We sipped on some delicious hot tea and even practiced a few handstands. When we decided it was time to paddle out and I went to settle up with Eric he said "No charge. Free for my friend Cailin". This is the generosity that is shared with me every day in this country. I love love love my little town and I am so grateful for its embrace. Eric said that all of the locals remember me, most by name, and a few have even asked where the "nice, pretty girl with the big surfboard" was this year. So, the waves may not have been great, but it was salvaged with the amazing hospitality of my good friends!

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