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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Care Packages in Ceylon....

Fredrik made me the sweetest "care package" for me, that still moves me to tears of happiness and gratitude. He decorated a bottle with local flowers and foliage and in the care package were incredibly thoughtful gifts that were all connected to conversations that we'd had this trip. In my package was:

-a birthday card for me, not to be opened until march 3rd
-a detailed "folding for dummies" guide (inside joke- I made a card for Fredrik looked like it was folded by an inebriated child)
-a bar of wax that was melted a reshaped into a heart with "forever in my heart" engraved in it
-a "go surf" sticker with the reminder to put somewhere I see often (Fredrik often motivated me to surf when I didn't want to...)
-local Sri Lankan Ayurvedic balm
-a candle with the note "you light up my life"
-stickers, markers and scissors for my crafting/card making obsession
-chords for a Swedish song that Fredrik would play for me on guitar, along with a guide to pronouncing certain letters

Such a thoughtful farewell gift from a thoughtful person. I'm so touched :)

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