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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sri Lankan Family.

I met Patu, Uthum and Sithu in Arugam Bay last year and we became instant friends. We surfed together in the mornings, played Carram together in the afternoons and are dinner together in the evenings. They took care of me like I was a sister, and not much has changed since I've been away. Patu drove an hour on his motorbike yesterday to pick me up, insisting that I needn't take the bus. When we arrived in their town, all the boys were there to meet me...Uthum, Sithu, Dami, and the rest of the family. Patu had invited me to his families home for a special rice and curry feast- prepared by his Ama and Aka (mom and aunt). We played Carram in the backyard until it was time for dinner and then we FEASTED. I played a few songs on guitar before saying goodbye, and then Sithu and Uthum drove me all the way back down south to Midigama in the tuktuk. I feel so incredibly loved and so incredibly grateful for this family that has taken me in. ❤️

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