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Monday, February 10, 2014

Rani's Rice and Curry

So, what to report? Lots of surfing. Lots of yoga self-practice and time for self-exploration. Lots of down time with friends. And lots of rice and curry at Rani's. She's so beautiful. I love her...her smile that lights up when I fumble through my Sinhalese and her chuckle about my "one egg, tea no sugar" requests. I gotta be completely honest, I'm pretty proud of myself as far as conversation goes. I have gone from knowing a few basics in Sinhalese (which is still heaps more than most the travelers around here know), to now being able to form whole sentences and hold short (albeit simple) casual conversations. Rani doesn't speak much English, and of course, 90% of the local language that I know revolves around food (duh!), so it's been great practicing my (food-centered) Sinhalese with her. I go to Rani's at least once a day, but most days it's lunch and dinner. Her spread is vegan...lots of beets, leeks, carrots, jack fruit, dal, pumpkin, brown rice and so much more! Although I make a plate that's far too big, I leave feeling full but not fatigued. The food feels nourishing, fulfilling and it feels like fuel. Everything is cooked with turmeric, curry, and all sorts of other anti-inflammatory spices that I adore. And all of this for 200rs (which is about $1.75usd). There are some meals that I'm not even that hungry, but I still go anyways just for a small plate because I want to visit my girl. Yesterday I missed lunch there and she told me in the evening that she was worried for me. Ha! It feels good to have a little slice of home at Rani's, and a delicious plate of food!

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