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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beauty Reports.

Ana Forrest is not only the founder of Forrest Yoga, but she's also a profound healer. With her patients that are dying she prescribes "beauty reports". What is a "beauty report" you ask? Forrest says to "step out of suffering, look around, and find something that touches your heart with beauty". Well, I think that this is a great practice, even for those who are healthy. And so I've started writing daily beauty reports...which had added a depth to the gratitude in my heart, and has increased my awareness for all that surrounds me. A few days ago I wrote about watching Karls morning yoga practice and how graceful his movements were. Another day was catching Lindsay and Brian exchange a salty kiss in the water between waves. Yesterday was about Caroline and how articulate she is with her words and how fluidly she moves and speaks. And today's beauty report was about how incredibly beautiful that this ordinary moment is...the sunshine, the breeze, and this effortless breath....

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