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Friday, February 21, 2014

Late Night Loungin'

Well it's 2am, and I'm sitting in a sarong outside of my door, sipping a cup of hot tea. I've just peeled off my wet clothes and rinsed off the layer of sweat that covered my body. I'm so grateful for the kettle that I bought last week, for a cool $7.50, which allows me to make tea any time of day. Anywho, I'm winding down and enjoying this cuppa tea as I stare at the stars. I can't help but to contemplate my evening and the past few weeks here...and it simply fills me up. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Sri Lanka feels like home. It IS home....

Tonight was my friend Shaggy's birthday. He is one of the local surfers, and he's a good friend of mine. All of the local boys here in Sri Lanka are simply put- good people. The boys all have my back, hoot me into waves and are genuinely happy to share the lineup with me. Tonight we shared a feast and then all went out dancing together and I will have this damn smile on my face all week. We danced and danced and danced...and laughed and sweat, and then sweat a bit more. Life lived in bare feet and on the beach is as good as it gets. The boys have been super impressed with my (growing) Sinhalese vocabulary and my "perfect pronunciation". They say that next year I am a "full local" and that they will only speak Sinhala to me. Boom. Full power.

I'm bound for bed in a few minutes, my legs exhausted from a night on the dance floor (I even created a dance-off in the middle of the floor and busted a badass split in the middle whilst doing a crazy backbend....). Happy birthday to Shagga on this auspicious day and GOOD NIGHT.

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