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Thursday, November 28, 2013


This was the second Thanksgiving without my Dad. Last year was had only been a few weeks since he'd passed. My mom and I had spent the evening at the house, just the two of us, for a quiet, loving dinner...neither of us feeling up to the social encounters that the holiday holds. It was perfect and I was grateful for the alone time as part of my healing. This year I feel so much stronger than I was the last, and I feel a gentle peace and surrender when I think of my Dad. We did thanksgiving at home again this year, just the two of us, with me cooking a delicious and healthy dinner. We didn't talk about him much, but that's because we don't have to. Do you talk about the air? No, not really- but that's because it's just know. And that's how I feel about dad. So despite the inevitable sadness each day without him holds, I woke up smiling because he exists within me. And for that realization I'm grateful. God Bless.

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