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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Samantha, Me, Kaitlin and Bridget
What started out as a glorified kegger turned into a most glorious gathering...

My great friends John and Bridget own the Whitebriar in Avalon. They needed to empty out the kegs now that the season is over so they decided to invite a few friends over. Then the idea came up to do a Friendsgiving Feast, which was brilliant! John provided the turkey and the rest of us (all 25!) pitched in by bringing something as well. You all know that I love a good potluck, and this takes the cake as one of the biggest and best I've been to. Bridget set the table at the Whitebriar as if we were sitting down for a real thanksgiving dinner. The fireplace was going, everyone was dressed up, and you could feel the love. I felt a bit emotional at one point in the evening (gah, what's new there!?) because my friends love me so so much, and I, them. Despite going away for months at a time every year, we always pick up exactly where we left off...we love each other just as much if not more when we reunite...and despite the changes (Samantha and joe get married next week, Brian and Kaitlin got married last month, and john and Bridget had a baby two months ago) we are all growing together. So for this, I am THANKFUL. What better way to celebrate a holiday rooted in gratitude than with your beautiful friends?!

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