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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Seven Needs

One of the books that I'm reading at the moment is Deepak Chopras "The Soul of Leadership". I was a bit hesitant to read it at first because the word "leader" is confusing to me, but I'm working on that association. Anywho, the book is brilliant. It has helped me to pinpoint exactly what my souls purpose is, and how to move into that. Also, it talks about the needs of a group, which I find can apply to any relationship be it business, spiritual, or romantic.

The Needs of the a Group:
1. Safety, security
2. Achievement, success
3. Cooperation
4. Nurturing, belonging
5. Creativity, progress
6. Moral values
7. Spiritual fulfillment

These seven were set up in this hierarchy by a psychologist, Abraham Maslow, whom determined that the most basic need (safety/security) must be met before a person can move on to higher needs. I was reading this chapter of the book on the first day of the retreat that I was leading in Mexico, and it couldn't have come at a better time. It's relatively easy to find spiritual fulfillment and move into spiritual fulfillment with my community in the studio (back in New Jersey) but it takes a while to find that with a group on a retreat...and now Chopra (and Maslow) have helped put that challenge into perspective for me. The reason that the journey into spiritual fulfillment is easier with my students is because we have already established the most basic needs. So, how to cultivate this on a retreat? First things first, create a safe and sacred environment. Retreats can be overwhelming, especially if you've gone alone and don't know anyone. It's a week to dedicate to yourself, to growing, to breaking free and to opening up....but you can't do this until you feel that you are safe.

All in all...this was so super insightful to apply not only to the retreat, but to all of my relationships as well. So go ahead, give it a go...reflect, and notice which of these needs are being met, and which aren't. 

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