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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Paraiso en Mexico

After a late dinner, early morning, and one layover...we made it! My mom decided last minute to join me on this retreat, and I couldn't be happier. The ride was about three hours, and we arrived into Rancho Las Cruces just after dark. The estate that we are in is beyond beautiful. Large vaulted ceilings, huge rooms with furniture so big that it had to be constructed in-house. Fireplaces, Mexican ceramics, beautiful flora and flowers everywhere, an in ground pool and hot-tub, a fire pit, and all of this just steps from the beach. But the real beauty was revealed when we woke up the next morning. The view will literally take your breath away for a moment, as you stop, gather your bearings, and attempt to take in this slice of paradise. Rancho Las Cruces is straight up LUXURY. We are tucked away on a private ranch, the driveway of which took took us nearly 20minutes from road to door front. The beach at the bottom of our steps is our yoga studio, so we practice under the palapa, our music being the sounds of nature...waves, wind, and wildlife. Anyone who has been to my class knows that I love me a good playlist, but I haven't been able to get myself to use music here...the silence and sounds of nature are just too good. Unlike Costa Rica, Baja is the perfect temperature. You can be in the sun mid-afternoon and not be melting. There is a breeze that is present throughout the day, keeping you the perfect temperature and allowing for a hoodie or shaw in the early mornings and late evenings, and it makes for the most pleasant nights sleep! The only set schedule is yoga twice daily and three healthy meals a day....other than that our time is spent paddling around the Sea of Cortez on the Paddleboard or kayaks, swimming in the sea or the pool, soaking in the hot tub, relaxing, reading, napping or sipping tea. I offer Thai massage, and Sarah is here offering up everything from facials to pedicures. Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive one of her epic facials and I haven't been able to stop touching my skin's just THAT soft! Ugh. After our first full day it was early to bed for me so that I could be early to rise. I was up at 5am, when I sat in prayer at my altar for a long time before moving into a seated meditation outside. As the sun was rising I spoke out loud, asking God for some guidance concerning some things that have been weighing heavy on my mind. After asking the question, I opened up my eyes and there was a hawk flying towards me, no more than ten feet away! Once I stopped crying I rushed into my room and grabbed my spirit animals book to look up the meaning, and it's all about following your passion with focus, gracefulness and fluidity....knowing that everything is happening at the appropriate time, and in alignment with my soul purpose.

I sat for a long time after that and just sat. Stillness. Silence. Sunrise. It felt so good. So so good. And I just knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. A deep knowing, that I am on the right path. So content. So blessed...feeling love all around me and moving through me.

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