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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Full Power Every Hour.

It has been a FULL POWER weekend. I have worked a ton, had multiple obligations, full power social events in the evenings and in addition to all of that I have taken 3 3hr master class workshops! So when Bryna and Erik invited ME over for dinner (yes, someone COOKED for ME!) I jumped for joy. It was so nice to end these past few busy days with a night not only spent in the company with good friends...but one where I sat down and was catered to. Don't get me wrong, I love entertaining- but it is so nice to have someone prepare, cook, and clean for you, with love. Erik is a doctor, and Bryna is a full-time mom to their two very rambunctious I really appreciated the time that went in to the nights dinner (the cleanse that I'm on isn't so easy to cater to, and Erik spent several hours researching things online as per what I could have and couldn't).

The conversation was great, as always, ranging from Die Antwoord, travel, children and forgotten tampons (don't ask...). Erik gave me his doctorly, healing advice about my stomach ulcer and also informed me that my ribs are out of place, hence the excruciating pain that I have been in these past two days. There are several things that could have put my ribs out of alignment, but he thinks that it was from all of the intense pranayama that I was practicing in the master classes this past weekend! Go figure!

Another full weekend, another bounty of abundance. I am so grateful for all of the friends that I got to see and meals that I was able to share. I'm grateful for all of my amazing students and community, both in the studio and the badass teacher trainees. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a student three days in a row at YogaNine with Jim Bennett and I am grateful that I am going to sleep now I'm my amazingly comfortable bed, completely content.

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