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Saturday, July 6, 2013


I'm rebuilding my body from the inside-out. The longer that I am on this full power two year Candida Cleanse the more excited that I am about it. I feel totally empowered. After years of unanswered questions and frustrated visits to an array of doctors, it is so nice to know that my health is in my hands if I so choose to take charge. I have been reading *A LOT*, and there is a shit ton of information out there. It can be overwhelming. One blog will tell you that a certain food is OFF LIMITS, and another will tell you that it cured their candida infestation. When we were deciding how to approach my Dads health we made a choice to pick our path and stick to it. Well, I found this book - and it is now my Bible and I'm sticking to it. What I love most about the book is that it doesn't just tell you what to do, it explains to you (in "real people" terms) WHY. Hallelujah! Anyone looking to get a bit healthier would take away a ton of information from this book...and for anyone who suffers from candidiasis, worry not - this book has it all.

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