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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Families, Friends and Babies.

Eileen, her son Brian, and his two beautiful little mermaids Lola and Zoe. 
My beautiful, amazing, supportive, spectacular friends (and baby Isla). 
Lately I have been so caught up with work that I haven't been able to give much time to the people I love. Yesterday may have been crazy (waking up long before dawn to finish a huge catering order for the Borgeious family party), teaching two yoga classes back to back, followed by massages and then Night In Venice parties - but I managed to catch up with the Borgeious family for a bit at their NIV party - and then this morning, after teaching THREE yoga classes back-to-back, I made it to Bridgets Baby Shower!!! I may have had sand in my unbrushed hair, was without a bra, and was slightly smelly - but I made it!!! It was great to wrap my arms around Bridget and her amazing beautiful belly - and it was great to catch up with my girls. And that is the beauty of true doesn't matter how long you go without seeing one another, you always just pick up where you left off! 

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