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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dead Sea

"Like the Dead Sea,
You'll never sink when you are with me,
I'm your Dead Sea." --the Lumineers

Team Serwatka...they're my "people". And they swooped me up just in the nick of time (as they always do). Brookie had bought me a ticket for the Lumineers way back in march while I was in India as my birthday gift. Well, now in July- at the end of two loooong months of work - I wasn't feeling so excited about the tiresome drive to Philly. Sleep deprived and slightly run down, I literally drug my corpse into the car when it was time to go. (Big props to Paige and her dad who let me hitch a ride up with them...!). As soon as I saw Mama Lorraine I snapped out of my sleepy funk and knew that I was where I was supposed to be. Even Papa Serwatka was there, and Tommy's girlfriend Tori....twas a proper "family affair". Dr.Dog opened and they were ammmmazing, and Lumineers...ugh, sigh, gasp...outstanding. I got into their music right when my Dad was really getting sick...right when I realized that he was actually dying, as I was coming to terms with what lie ahead. So needless to say, hearing their music so loud, profound and crystal clear- well, it moved a fair bit of emotions. Tears were steady rolling down my face during their song "Charlie Boy", and I clenched Brookies hand in mine as he belted out "Dead Sea". I'm so grateful for music- for the power and healing that it holds. And I'm grateful for "my people", like the Serwatka's, who are my Dead Sea....never letting me sink.

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