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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pranayama and Meditation

"The yogis life is not measured by the number of his days but by the number of his breaths." 

We had TWENTY TWO people in last nights Pranayama and Meditation workshop!! It was amazing! My favorite was a tie between the Brahmari breath and the Osho Dynamic (dancing shouting movement) mediation. 

Prana: life, breath, respiration, wind, energy, strength
Ayama: extension
Pranayama : "the extension of our life force" "the extension of breath and its control"

*Bhramari: (helpful with insomnia)
"The bee breath"
1. Close your eyes, index fingers on the lids
2. Tips of middle fingers touch under the nos
3. Tips of the ring fingers touch under the lips 
4. Pinky fingers connect under the chin
5. Thumbs press the ears closed 
Inhale, exhale with a HUM. 
- repeat continuously for two minutes

1. Feet shoulder width apart. Soft knees. Emphasize exhalation. Avoid getting into a rhythm. 
2. Scream jump shake. Catharsis. 
3. Jump. HUH. 
4. Stillness 

22 People in the Pranayama Circle

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