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Friday, July 19, 2013

Good Days, Busy Days, Sweaty Days.

I have been working like a lunatic. It's all been good...because it's just yoga, massage and music (and a bit of catering...). But the other day I was feeling a bit exhausted, and I've been struggling with some shoulder pain lately that has really been raining on my parade. Anywho, my friend Erika sent this to me, and it was really the "pick me up" that I needed. I decided to share it with my classes that day - and it certainly resonated with them as well. Sometimes the "difficulty" that we overcame was waking up and not having enough creamer for our coffee. Sometimes the difficulty is the death of a loved one. Our traumas can be major or minor - and the heartbreak can be sharp and clean or long and drawn out. No matter what phase or pain we have experienced - guess what...we are still here. So, go us! There are challenging days, always, but sweating it out on the mat with my fellow yogis always helps to put things into perspective. I particularly love it when vacationers come back for a week and we get to reconnect. Julianne and her man Greg popped in the studio, after one full year had past, and Jules shared with me that my classes changed her life. She'd moved from being a person who lived and moved from a place a fear- to someone who is now powerful and amazing. Yep, you can bet that turned my day around. I am so grateful to be working so hard at a job that I love. Go me. I'm awesome. Boom. 

After a crazy long day I met up with my mom for dinner at Main Street Cafe in Cape May Court House. There food is freaking ammmmazing, and the place itself is exactly what I want in a restaurant - beautiful, cozy and dimly lit. We split oysters on the half shell and their salt-hay oysters as an appetizer...and then pretty much worked our way through their menu (with me only eating candida-friendly, of course!). I'm so grateful for such a delicious meal, some one on one time with my Mom, and the amazing service that is offered up at this little gem of a restaurant. 

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