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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Year Ago...

Denise and I celebrating our one year anniversary!
Steph, Me and Denise.
It was just one year ago that a woman named Denise contacted me about some private Yin yoga classes on the beach in Avalon. She had somehow found me online, and then got into my blog, and then was following me on facebook, and before we even met she pretty much 'knew' me. I hadn't realized that this eager-for-yoga, super-stoked-on-avalon-vacation-time chicky had actually NEVER DONE yoga before! And it was her classes with me on the beach that set her passion for yoga aflame, and she hasn't looked back since. Though she lives down South, I have been following her on facebook, and have seen her (very) many posts about everything yoga. I have seen her physical body change, her emotional body change, and I have seen her come into a beautiful spiritual being. And now - she's back! For round two! It feels like only yesterday that we were saluting the sun together, and it's great to have her back....the teacher within me is beaming with pride! 

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  1. This makes me teary. And so very happy.
    And bendy. Very bendy.