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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Don't Be Sad.

My mom sends out regular updates about my dad. Shes an amazing writer and the latest email really sums up what's going on. Also, my Aunt D from California texted me this photo last night...

Today on the way to pick up Paul's Luminex Contour Deluxe 4-Wheel Rollator (that is the fancy name for Paul's new walker/seat) he and I were having a heart to heart talk. We were discussing how we are living in the moment every day. If you look back, and compare today's Paul with long ago Paul, you might get sad because he's not quite up to his old self. If you look ahead, and see what will be down the line you could get depressed. So he and I live in the moment . All Day, Every Day. We are happy. We are in love. We are not only "doing the best we can," we are BEING the best we can be, and having a good time while we're at it.
Today Paul had breakfast with Ed Griser.That made it a good day.
Ed took him to visit some old work buddies.Good stuff.
When he came home we tried out the walker in the house. He doesn't NEED the walker in the house because his cane works just fine, but we figured out that if he sits at the table with it he can get up soooo much easier than dealing with the kitchen and dining room chairs. So that made it an even better day.
He took his nap on clean sheets after a wonderful shower. The day keeps getting better.
When he woke up we went to OC to eat with his family. Megan cooked Shrimp Scampi and Cherry Buckle. What more needs to be said. The good day continues.
He rode his chair up the stairs and I tucked him in. Another good day thanks to a positive attitude, friends, family and a new "toy."
So , to you guys it might not seem like much, but to us it was another good day. Life's simple pleasures are the best.We laugh more than most people I know. Anymore our sense of humor might seem odd to some people , but laughing is good medicine and there's plenty of it around here.
Remember Denise B. when we laughed about lowering the bar (kids not being pregnant or doing drugs etc...) well sometimes that is the best idea.Don't expect so much. Be happy with what you've got. If Paul can't manage to hunt this year we'll at least go sit in the woods. If he can't fish that doesn't mean we can't have people over to eat fish dinner. If being happy is having a chair to sit down in after you get out of the shower then so be it. If you enjoy your meals, then eat them with gusto.Thank God you have an appetite and don't suffer like some of the people we see getting chemo. We celebrate little victories every day.Maybe we have lowered the bar: So what. We are still getting over it , even if its with the help of medical supplies. HaHa! by the way when I was in there I was like a kid in a candy store. Who knew there were so many things made to make life easier. I have a wish list started.Crazy!!!!
Anyway more people to thank then I will probably remember since its been such a long time since I wrote.So let me get started.
Mary and John for the plantains and feeding Paul lunch the day Billy took him out for the day.Billy for taking him to blood work and out that day.Toni for bringing us flowers galore , champagne and beer the day she had her dogs groomed. The flowers are still looking good. Mike for sending down mushrooms for us and the Smelzer's. Joe for taking Paul to Cape May so I could hang with Susan and Lori. Ruthann for being Ruthann.Jason, Jan,Nellie and countless others who call and check up on Paul and I all the time.The Survivor crew for being awesome dinner guests. Nana and pop-pop for hanging with Paul every Thursday and then some. Dylan for getting a stand ready for Paul.John Atwood for swapping clothes with Paul so they both look handsome as hell.Timmy for coming to dinner and hanging out with us. All of you who continue to pray every day.The list goes on and on. Forgive me if I left anyone out.
Don't be sad for us, just keep helping us make every day the best day it can to all, Doreen

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