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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 1 Cross Country : San Fran

Arrived at San Fran and Marny was waiting for me at the airport. I was anxious about how it would be- afterall, it's been months. But it was comfortable and familiar. We left the airport and headed for Bernal Heights where my friends Shannon and Andrew own an epic house. I met this amazing couple in La Saladita, Mexico almost 2 years ago. Once we arrive and settle in, we chat with our host and hostess for a bit before walking to a park at the top of the street. It's a huge hill and from the top of it you have a 360 view of San Fran (yes, even the GG Bridge). I nerded out and took a picture of me in upward facing bow pose, keeping with my "yoga poses around the world" collection that I've begun. We took advantage of the sunny day and headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge. A few photos and then it was off to the beach to meet our friend Brian. Brian is from Ireland- but he spends his time between San Fran and Indo as well. We met him in Sumbawa, and he's actually the one that had talked me into extending my stay on the island. Anywho- Brian took us to his neighborhood for some really epic Burmese food. We had green tea leaf salad which was wild: it had peanuts, sliced jalapeƱo, fresh ginger, a mound of roasted tea leaves, and fermented tomatoes. UBER unique and delicious. Next up was a Burmese version of flatbread, served up with some stellar curry sauce for dipping. Pork and white beans with bok choy, and a lamb curry with rice and potatoes and pickled mango. Of course, in true Indo-tradition, the boys ended with ice cream. Tomorrow is our touristy sight-seeing day and then Wednesday morning we are headed towards the grand canyon!

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