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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yummy Yin and Savory Soups

This morning I taught an outstanding YIN yoga class. It was dark and rainy outside, which made for a cozy, candlelit practice. Postures were held for 3-5minutes and everyone was amazing!! I was super impressed and the overall response for the class was super positive. After class, Kylee, Rochelle and I went back to Ro's house for coffee. We chatted and reminisced about the mornings yoga class, my music playlists, food, and Martha Stewart. I finally have a day off- and because of the crappy weather I was inspired to make soup. My aunt Diane had sent me a sweet potato and leek soup recipe- so Kylee agreed to accompany me to the produce outlet and to be my soup sous chef! When I got to my favorite produce shop (next to wawa and ocean view sushi on sea isle blvd), they had CELERY ROOT!! No one around ever sells celery root, so I was ecstatic. The soup list grew: a celery root soup and a sweet potato leek soup. Then I saw some beautiful Yukon Gold potatoes and fresh dill, so I figured what the hell -- I'd make THREE soups. I was so satisfied with the yellow squash and Yukon gold soup that I'd made for a catering order last week that I figured I'd make some for the house. Just as we were getting ready to pay I bumped into Sue-- a friend of the family and regular reader of my blog! She said that it was my entry about the produce shop that originally brought her there- and she's been shopping there ever since. Glad to be able to help a follower of the blog- and hopefully you'll enjoy the EASY to make soup recipes I'll be posting!

I'll leave you all with a quote that I read in this mornings class...

"The entire world is a mirror. The only thing you can ever experience is yourself. Everything you think, feel, do, and see is you. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, values, philosophies, and opinions create your world. Everything you experience is as it is because that's how you experience it. We experience the world the way we do because of who we are, not because of how it is."

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