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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Painted Pie.

Yoga class this morning was AMAZING. The theme was based around a quote by the Dalai Lama, "Don't take anything seriously, except for the caring of others." The mood was fun, relaxed, inviting and slightly goofy. We laughed through most of class, made our way through some super funny, sweaty vinyasas and then savored a delightful savasana. Rochelle had come to class and we decided to reward ourselves with a delicious breakfast. Ro SWEARS by the Painted Pie in Stone Harbor. I've never been, but if there's one person that I trust with my palate- it's Ro...she's a professional. She was spot on in her assessment- the painted pie is a TRUE GEM. We both had coffee and a slice of quiche: gorgonzola, bacon and apple- in the most spectacular crust that I've ever laid my lips on. Holy Christ almighty. Set the intention to make your way over sometime soon--- they are only open weekends (8am) until Thanksgiving.

The Painted Pie
Located in the Harbor Square Mall
261 96th StreetStone Harbor, NJ

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