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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love from Lisboa.

I have met some epic people over the years through traveling. Meesh, Nico, Thoralf and I became friends in costa rica about 4 years ago. I was living in Dominical and spending some time in Oeste, where Michele and Nico would spend their weekends. At the time try were a couple, and Meesh was attending the university in San Jose. Meesh is a rough Tom-boy who is drop dead gorgeous. She is from Switzerland (her father is Swiss) and her mother is Thai. Gorgeous, gorgeous woman. Nico looks a bit like Jesus! Haha, just kidding- but not really... Thoralf is German, though he has called MANY places around the globe "home" at one point or another. He had been friends with Nico and Meesh when he arrived in costa for a short surf trip. The four of us hit it off, traveled to the caribbean side of costa, and we have been friends ever since! Some of you may remember this past winter when I reconnected with Michele first in Thailand and later in Indonesia. Well...the three amigos were just on a surf trip in Portugal, one of Thoralfs most favorite places in the world (for my dads travel book I put together for him last Christmas Thoralf did the entry for Portugal). The waves weren't that great, but of course the company was fantastic. I was delighted when I opened my mailbox the other day to a postcard from the three of them. I was having an off day: a bit sad, overwhelmed and utterly exhausted. The postcard made me cry, but tears of joy. I'm so blessed to have led the life that I lead, and to have befriended such spectacular individuals. And though I'm not traveling at the moment, I know that I have friends like these that will help me out when the walls come crumbling down. All of this from a postcard!! Sometimes it's the little gestures that mean the most...

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