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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reward for a Hard Hike...

Well, I ALWAYS reward myself after doing some major physical activity-- and that reward usually involves food and beer!!! Luckily, not only am I in an outdoor adventureland, but I'm also in a town that is chock full of amazing restaurants that use local ingredients, heaps of creativity, and lots of love in their dishes. Yep, they even make their own beer. After consulting my URBANSPOON app I decided on The Pullman. Holy Christ, when I gazed at the menu I could barely speak I was so excited!! I got a local lager and the mussels in a lager broth with chorizo, fries, aoli, and amazing (SALTED) bread! Ugh. Obsessed. I made us a dinner reservation before we were even half way through our lunch. I've already decided on my appetizer, dinner and dessert that I'll be enjoying later!! Marny had a grilled cheese with pulled pork, housemade chips, the most spectacular apple cider vinegar coleslaw, and of course a homemade pickle. Hooray for good food after a great hike! And so...the reward continues. We went to Yampah Spa where Marn enjoyed a massage, and I enjoyed 2 hours in their natural vapor caves (115-125degrees fahr), for only $12. I'd do about 20minutes in the hot, natural steam (coming from the natural hot springs) in the dark cave, and then I'd lay outside in the sun and crisp breeze for 5 minutes. Recharge with water, a cold plunge, and then back down into the cave. Colorado, I love you.

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