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Monday, June 6, 2011

Southeast Asia Labor of Love.

I love to travel...and mostly because I love food. Lately I have found myself talking about the cuisine that I had while abroad, and I figured - why not try to recreate it for my family? So, another family dinner. Another epic meal. On the menu were my favorite things from my past few months of travel (in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia)....

Singha Beer (thailand)
Iced Coffees (cambodia)

Jaew Mak Len (laos)
Beef Laap (laos)
Sien Savanh (laos)
Papaya Salad (thailand)
Shrimp Chips (indonesia)
Sticky Rice (cambodia/thailand/laos)

Mango with Sticky Rice and Coconut Milk (thailand)

Well...after TWO FULL DAYS OF PREP (yes, this was the most labor intensive meal that I have EVER made), the dinner was a great success!! When trying to recreate dishes from abroad, I've found that they are never the same. But tonight, I don't know why, but they were Spot On! In addition to dining and drinking from Southeast Asia - we all wore the goodies that I brought back too! Mom and Dad had on the Thai Fishing pants that I bought me, Sarah and I had on our onesie's from Cambodia, and Dad had on his Bintang tank top from Indonesia.

Sarah, Dad and Me...loving our Southeast Asia gear <3

Dad said that he felt like a Karate Man in these pants...hahahaha

Mom and Dad...looking so sassy in their gear!

Me...and 4 beverages. Sauvignon Blanc, Water, Iced Coffee and Singha...I don't know how it happens, they just accumulate...

This is me, explaining every dish -- the ingredients, the preparation, where I first enjoyed it, and how it's eaten...

I did a full days' research on the web, looking up the extremely varied recipes for the items I wanted to recreate. I fused together the recipes I thought seemed most accurate, and then made some adjustments as I began cooking. In the end I created my own recipes for each, which I will post separately for you all to enjoy! If you can't make it to Asia, bring Asia to you (or atleast to your dinner table)......

Dad and Sar, stoked on Singha....

LP, Me and Mom...loving the smooth, creamy taste of Thailand's beer, Singha

I didn't think that my Dad would be stoked on this "ethnic meal" (he prefers an Irish diet of meat and potatoes), but he had three helpings of Southeast Asia!!

There is no place else I'd rather be, than right here - right now - with my family, enjoying a good meal and lots of laughs. Blessings everyone <3

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  1. The food & you look great,when you do somthing, you do it big, nice 1 Babe. Bet the crew enjoyed every bit of it. Where did u get the beers?
    Love & miss u heaps, Marny Kamushka xoxo