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Saturday, June 4, 2011

For All My Foodies...

For all my foodies out IGGY. Well, technically his name is Brian - but because he resembles badass rockstar Iggy Pop, he was given this nickname (many moons ago) and it stuck. Iggy is part of our Strathmere beach crew, and he has since married my mom's best friend Susan. We surf together, talk shit together and fish together....but most importantly we eat and drink together. Iggy is a BADASS chef who can make everything from gourmet classic French cuisine to a fried french toast sandwich with extra bacon. He's amazing. Like most great chef's that I've had the honor of knowing, he is a junk-food-addict. Why is it that amazing chef's are complete whore's for potato chips?? I'll never understand, but it's the truth. He battled technology for years - no cell phone, no camera, no computer, nothing that needed to be plugged into a wall and charged. Well, well, the times have changed. Now Ig has a blog, that he updates regularly, and there's even photos!! If you LOVE food, you will go ape-shit over this blog. Even if you don't LIKE food (which I find hard to believe...), you will love this blog because Iggy is one funny motherfucker. Ig is like family -- we agree to disagree about many things - but when it comes to beer, booze and food, we are on the same page through and through. Please, take some time to check out his blog -- you will be blown away by his epic and eclectic, 150% original recipes, you will be humored (and maybe even mildly offended) by his commentary and you will be seriously educated about food and alcohol on a whole 'nother level. BON APETIT.

Susan + Iggy.

Iggy's Birthday Party on the Beach in Strathmere. No hoagies or PB+J's....crabs, champagne, and TWO CAKES.

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