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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

"The easy path leads to the hard life, but the hard path leads to the easy life. " --Rilke

Went to bed last night and woke up this morning feeling really sad about my dad. I've been feeling a bit anxious...or atleast that's one of the emotions that I've been able to identify. I knew that something needed to change- but I just wasn't sure WHAT it was that needed changing.

This afternoon I head out to the mailbox, and there's two things: a package from Amazon and this months yoga journal. Yoga Journal...okay, I think, this is a sign. More yoga. I open up the package, wracking my brain trying to remember what I bought. Well- it's nothing that I purchased-- it was a gift, from my best friend Julia in Seattle. "40 DAYS TO PERSONAL REVOLUTION: a breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul" by Baron Baptiste (founder of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute). I've never been a huge fan of Baptiste, but Julia got this book a month ago and has been raving about it. Usually whatever she loves (food, jewelry, cocktails, movies, etc) I also love. So- voila-- she bought me a copy. I called her right away and she said that her and her boss were starting the 40days on July 5th, and she invited me to join in. Well, I woke up this morning asking for a sign, for help- and I don't think that the message gets much clearer than this! I'm glad to know that I'll have someone on this journey with me; to complain to, confide in and celebrate with (even though she's on the west coast!). Sometimes if you just ask the universe for some help, you get it!

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