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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lombok Love and Lymes.

Monday late morning we drop our boards off to be repaired. We head back to the house- Michele has to work, and I have a ton of I post up on our porch and do an hour and a half of intense, vigorous yoga. Drenched in sweat, rinse off in cold shower, lay down for nap. When Im asleep, Basiten arrives from Bali. Meesh helps him find a cheap place to stay while I nap. Our place is amazing by the way. Michele is working as a guide now for a Swiss Surf Company. Part of her payment is getting the use of a truck, free accomodation and free breakfast. Since we share everything, she shares this with me too :) The accomodation is really fancy compared to our basic (but still amazing) stays. It is a big room, double bed, huge bathroom and big porch in a gated place. The cost is about 200,000rupiah a night (more than 20usd) for a basic room. We really lucked out. Wake up from a long nap, pick up our boards (which look BRAND NEW), grab dinner with everyone and then head to Cafe 7 for some live music. Oh yeah, the memo that I missed...IM the live music...and EVERYONE from town is there to hear me. Mishka forgot to tell me.... Anyways, I play some music and it is well received. I get free drinks all night, which I share with my large group and continuously growing group of friends. The owner of the bar asks if I will play on Friday night, he would like to get flyers made up. Sure thing. Sign me up. Wake up a few hours after falling asleep and we head to the end of town, to catch a very small boat in a very beautiful place, to a very fun wave called INSIDES. Yeewww. Couple hours of surfing, big breakfast of Gado Gado with rice (this is vegetables, tempeh and tofu topped with a spicy peanut sauce), and then take a FOUR hour nap while Michele works. My Lymes Disease is definitely flaring up. I was worried at first that I had dengue, but thats definitely been ruled out. My body aches, my bones feel like they are decades older than they actually are. The fatigue is pretty intense, and I have no control over the amount of time that I sleep. I will feel tired, and then 3 hours later I will wake up -- tangled up in my ipod, or asleep on my book. If this hadnt happened to me several times in the past then I would be a bit worried right now, but Im 99percent sure that this is Lymes flaring up. Oh well. Luckily I have the freedom to sleep some extra hours if I need to. Headed to bed now, a bit after 9pm, cause we are up at the crack of dawn for a surf session. If Ive already said it, well, Im saying it again...I love Indonesia.

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