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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Dinner, Indo-Style.

For the past few days we have been surfing Gerupuk. Its about a 15 minute scenic drive away, to a small fishing village. Here you grab a boat, for 30,000/person and you have the choice of 4 breaks. Insides, Outsides (left), Outsides (right), DoonDoon. We have been surfing Insides, which is a left and a right, but mostly a right. Ive been loving it. We have been surfing with Flurin, a Swiss that we met back in Bali at Impossibles. He is one of the small percentage that speaks Romanch...but brought up in a Bilingual house, he also speaks French and German. Oh yeah, and perfect English. Super gentlemen, super amazing human being. He has been staying in Gerupuk with a family, and he invited us last night to join them for dinner and some local music. It was such a treat. The family cooked up a beautiful spread...grilled fish, tempeh, tofu, fried chicken, spicy pineapple, etc. etc....of course, all served with rice. We topped off the evening by listening to some local music which was pretty fantastic. Its magical little moments like this that make for great memories. Big thanks to Flurin for sharing this with us :)

Flurin, Me, and his indonesian "brothers"...

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