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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I was allowing myself one HOORAH for my two months in Bali. I havent been drinking, and I dont plan to. Ive cut out my afternoon beer, and any late night beverages. Well, since we were leaving for Lombok, I decided that my night out would be Thursday. We packed up all our goods onto the bike and cruised into Kuta early afternoon. We ran a million and one errands, checked into our place, booked our ferry tickets and ate at our favorite warung in the city. Around 10pm Christian, Den and Joana met us at our place and we headed out to meet up with Tiffany, Sebastian, and Enrico who were at a bar called the Green Box, known for cheap cheap drinks. We had a few sweet, disgusting shots before leaving the cramped, hot bar with bad music - heading to Apache, the best reggae bar in town. There was live music, a huge dance floor and great energy. I danced and danced and DANCED for about 3 hours. My clothes were completely saturated with sweat, and my legs ached. Joana was on the dance floor with me nearly the whole time, and everybody else aside from Den was shaking it all night as well. I LOVE to dance, and I love hanging out with people that share that passion. What a fabulous night!!! We had a few more drinks and danced to the DJ well after the live band was done. When that bar closed at half past 3, we headed to BOUNTY, a bar full of debauchery, but also full of good music and lots of dancing. We closed THAT bar as well and finally walked home through the POURING rain. I laid my head down to sleep a little before 530am. My body was exhausted from dancing, and I was soaking wet - luckily the sweat was washed clean by the monsoon rains. Woke up at 8am for our free breakfast at the guesthouse and then we were off at 9am for our ferry to Lombok. The sky was completely gray, filled with rain that seemed it would go on for all of eternity. I felt hungover: from a random mix of cheap shots, from too little sleep, and from too much fun. I drifted in and out of sleep for the hour and a half taxi ride to the dock. I was still alive, but barely, so we used our hour long wait at the dock to refuel. Coco Cola, coffee and chicken soup with noodles. MmMmMmMm. It brought some color back to my cheeks and some pep back into my step. Extra large bottle of water and we were good to go. As soon as we boarded the boat, I laid down my bag, kicked off my flipflopsand fell asleep before my head even hit the seat. Three hours later and I wake up to a flurry of activity and very loud Indonesian music. Turns out that there was a live band on the ferry!! At first I thought that I was tripping, or dreaming...perhaps dying from lack of sleep -- but really, a huge, live band. On the boat. Headed to Lombok. I opened the door to the room they were playing in, and everyone was dancing around like lunatics. looked like Apache did at 3am the night before!! Ayeyaya!! Off the boat, and then a one hour ride to Kuta Lombok, our new home. I love Indonesia.

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