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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bye Bye Bali.

Meesh and Jo. Motobiking in KUTA bali.

No surfing the past two days because of heavy winds, wierd tides and tons of rain. Instead we had a girls day yesterday in Kuta, and then today we moved back to Kuta in preparation for leaving tomorrow for Lombok. Girls day consisted of getting bikinis made at the tailors, shopping, eating, and a bit more shopping. Today I pick up my custom made bags: boardbag and travel guitar case. The cost for 2 custom made travel bags...35usd. Insane. Tonight we are going OUT in crazy Kuta with the whole crew from Impossibles, where we have been staying. Im a bit bummed to leave, but everyone will be here when I get back in a few weeks. Ciao Ciao bali, see you in a few weeks....

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