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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ashtari Adventure

Three people on one bike with one destination...ASHTARI, the hilltop natural food restaurant in Kuta Lombok. Whenever you mention to anyone in Indonesia that you are headed to Kuta Lombok, they always reply, OH MY GOD, YOU MUST GO TO THE RESTAURANT ASHTARI ON THE HILL!! Haha. Standard response, for sure. So, Meesh and I hopped on Bastiens motorbike and we took the shitty road uphill for 15minutes before arriving at our destination. Why dont we rent our own motobike you ask?? Simple enough, we are too cheap. Now that Meesh is in charge of the surf school, she has a truck. The other day though was her final day off before starting full time, so we didnt have access. Anyways....Bastiens bike is a REAL bike, not some shitty little moto, and hes the only person in all of Indonesia, aside from Michele, that I trust to ride with. We ate some healthy food, sipped on some drinks, relaxed and enjoyed the view. Good times on the regular.

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