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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wonderful Waxing!

Big ups to my girl Lakshmi for the best waxing experience that I've ever had in all of Asia!! As some of you may remember, I have compared getting waxed in the East as a bit like playing Russian never know what you're going to get, which makes it exciting and slightly terrifying. I have had some traumatizing experiences getting waxed in Asia, but I still find it to be better than shaving with the shitty one-blade razors that they sell here (yes, they still MAKE one blade razors, who knew!), which don't even remove hair, they just trim it! In Cambodia I lost some skin with a bikini wax, in Sri Lanka my beautician tried actively NOT to touch my yoni or anywhere near it for that matter- which made for an interesting experience considering it was a bikini wax, and in Thailand I had an odd experience that involved three women staring at my yoni talking about how they were going to wax. Ayeyaya. You get the jist, yea?

And so, I'm here in India, hairy as a monster, and I came across Lakshmi. Jai Lakshmi! Maha Shree Lakshmi Namaha! As soon as I walked into her tiny "beauty shop", with the fake flowers out front and incense burning, I KNEW that I was in good hands. Lakshmi just has that "warm, mama energy". It was insta-love....

I laid on the table and she said "pain first"...and so it was, bikini wax. It actually wasn't nearly as painful as other experiences I've had, and was nearly identical to the experiences I've had in western studios back home (yet, for a fraction of the price...bikini wax with Lakshmi is 350rs which is $5.75). She did a PROPER bikini wax, and then proceeded to make her way through my incredibly-long, almost-a-dirty-hippy-underarms. Finally, threading. I never get my eyebrows done, and I've never tried threading- but I was keen to give it a go, and I simply LOVE all of the Indian women's eyebrows. It hurt a bit, but goddamn, don't mind if I brag-- but my eyebrows look beautiful!! So incredible. After I was finished we just sat and talked for a long time. I whined about who would do my eyebrows once a left, so she gave me a tutorial on how to thread. It's actually super easy, but I don't know if I would trust myself.... We went through family photos and some of Lakshmi when she was a young girl. She asked me how long id been living in India, which I took as a compliment, and just as my little Aysho said, she complimented me on looking very Indian- with the exception of my blonde hair. Such an enjoyable afternoon of luxury hanging with the lovely Lakshmi. Anyone passing through Varkala should most definitely stop in a get beautified by this sweet soulful mama.

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