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Monday, March 3, 2014

Tears in 26, Transformation in 27

Tears in 26, Transformation in 27

Goddamn I have done a lot of crying this past year. Tears of sadness, joy, exhaustion, confusion and overwhelming grief. So, go figure, I opened up "Women Who Run With The Wolves", and the paragraph that I open up to is about tears....

"Tears carry creative power. In mythos, the giving of tears causes immense creation and heartfelt reunion. In herbal folklore, tears are used as a binder, to secure elements, unite ideas, join souls. In fairy tales, when tears are thrown, they frighten away robbers or cause rivers to flood. When sprinkled, they call the spirits. When poured onto the body, they heal lacerations and restore sight. When touched, they cause conception. Tears call things to us, they correct things, provide the missing part or piece. ... they not only represent feeling but are also lenses through which we gain an alternative vision, another point of view.

There is a Sufi saying, a prayer really, asking God to break ones heart: "Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for Limitless Love.""

And so, I am grateful for the year of tears, because it has brought about the transformation that is bringing me into a most epic, exciting, and abundant twenty seven...!

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