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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

KCS + Conscious Communication

Conscious communication has been a huge part of this training. I obviously have no problem communicating MY thoughts, emotions and ideas...if anything, I'm an over-communicator. I am quite efficient in saying exactly what I mean, and being articulate about whatever process I'm digesting. Alas, there's two parts to communicating just as there are two parts to karma...with the little-known step-child being "listening". Yep, this is the second half of communication that is usually forgotten. And so my challenge these past ten days has been to listen. So far, so good. I have been noticing that my internal chatter begins to fade away as I am actively and completely listening to others. Instead of thinking of what I want to say, contribute or prescribe as someone is sharing, I just focus on listening to whatever they have to say. And then the lesson continued last night after catching up with my good friend (Kelly Croce Sorg) back home, when she reminded me to listen to my(higher)self and to the Higher vibration of the Universe.

"Don't forget to ask up. And then-- shut up and listen."

Listening to my gut is something I have been feeling disconnected from these past few months. I have been existing just in my mind, removed from my heart, but most importantly (or should I say 'tragically'), my deep knowing. The knowing that exists in the belly and in the limbs. I feel that this is an issue for most people (<<<from a conscious communication standpoint, that would be labeled as "projection". I can't speak for you, but hey, I'm still working on this conscious communication stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and project). When was the last time you listened to your bodies intelligence (chitta)? Because our limbs know more than the thinking mind. And our chitta will guide the way if we only allow it to.

My goal for this week is to not only create space to hear others, but to create space to hear myself. "Don't forget to ask up. And then-- shut up and listen." Another grounding conversation with a most wonderful friend. God bless ya Kelly Croce Sorg for keepin' it real and grounding me....

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