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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Continual Revelations....Rahasya.

We had a lecture on the "6 Stages of Consciousness" in class a few days ago, and it's been swirling around my brain every since. I want to exist in a higher state of consciousness, so to understand the layers that make up consciousness helps me to dive deeper. I believe that to completely understand and accept these stages that we are able to start to make a shift to exist on a higher vibration.

The 6 stages are:

1. Chitta : Intelligence
2. Svatantrya : Freedom
3. Purnatva : Fullness/Perfection
4. Kula : Community
5. Shri : Abundance
6. Rahasya : Secreting

Let me begin by addressing "consciousness". The long definition (taken from "The Reality of Being : The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff by Jeanne De Salzmann) is : "A special kind of perception independent of the activity of the intellectual mind, a perception of oneself: who one is, where one is and then what one knows and does not know. In the moment of consciousness there is the immediate impression of a direct perception." In plain English, consciousness is EXISTENCE. So our existence has six stages, or layers and I love them all! But, I am particularly intrigued by Rahasya, which honors the process of *continual revelation*. Rahasya is the layer of existence that is 'secret'; In our existence there is always 3/4 concealed and 1/4 that is visible for us. Does that make sense?

And Rahsya supports PURNATVA {-We are born in perfection and fullness
-We are invited to embrace our perfection and where we are at in this moment while at the same time honoring our desire to grow and evolve-There is always more. As we expand so do our boundaries. We are not limited.} We are full and complete, but there are always things hidden from us, opportunities for growth. And today, this is what I've come to discover most in this training: That as full and complete and perfect as I am....and as much as I know, contain, and am able to contribute.....that I don't know shit! But I honor both of these: I honor that I am powerful and amazing, and simultaneously honor the fact that I really know so little..... 1/4 revealed, 3/4 concealed... Every day I am discovering something new about myself, that I was unaware of for the past 27 years! Every day I am understanding the relationships in my life in a whole new way, as layers are slowly falling away as a result of my open heart and heart work. Understanding, exploration, inquiry and discovery. But I am still full, complete, perfect (purnatva). Some things are concealed to us, and that's okay! We don't need to experience EVERYTHING to be complete! There are positives in things being concealed- It is the ultimate guarantee that there is always more. Did you hear that? IT IS THE ULTIMATE GUARANTEE THAT THERE IS ALWAYS MORE. As soon as you think that you know all of the adjusts for child's pose, boom - some teacher shows you another. As soon as you think that you know your mother, boom- she busts out some magic that you didn't know existed within her. As soon as you think you understand WHAT yoga is, you do a training that makes you question every thought about yoga that you've ever had, and open your eyes to a completely different path. As soon as you think you know yourself, another layer of your powerFULL and amazing being is revealed. As soon as you write someone off as being a total twat, you understand a bit of what has shaped them into who they are, and then you soften with this understanding and compassion. Stay open. There is always more!

When I think of Rahasya, I think of the magical life of being a child...where so many things are new, and there is excitement in the discovery. I find that I have tendencies to be a bit jaded sometimes, or unimpressed when certain things are revealed to me. It is my desire to bring some freshness and gratitude into my life by honoring these revelations and allowing these discoveries to humble, educate and inspire me!

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