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Monday, March 17, 2014


I am studying Advanced Vinyasa and Tantra (of the Rajanaka Shakta path). When I tell people this they respond with "So, you're studying sex?" or other things along this line. And I don't blame them, I wasn't quite sure what tantra was before this training either. So, for everyone who's asking- this is, in my own words (and those of my dear friend Josephine) a short journey into the definition of Tantra Yoga:

Rajanaka (Sanskrit)
: prince/princess
"Instead of trying to be top dog, the rajanaka simply wants to do enough to still be sovereign but to also honor the natural uncertainty of life. Receptivity. Holding space for possibility. 

Tantra (Sanskrit)
: loom, framework. Invites us to stretch, expand, spread. To bridge, connect. 

The tantric path is about empowerment,  and embracing this beautiful life as a gift. Other schools of thought teach that life is a problem to be solved, and experience to "survive"- but Tantra is the opposite - it's not about getting OUT of the human experience- it's about getting IN to it...actively participating with the life you want, and shaping your own destiny. Whereas other lineages of yoga preach renunciation of desires, emotions and people- Tantra teaches us to embrace these- they are a tool for our continued evolution. Use relationships to help the process of self-discovery and self-inquiry; Bringing awareness to our attachments and (mindfully) keep what serves you and detach from what does not. Desire is not a bad thing, but instead desire is there to guide us. 

There is no "end goal", no "awakening", and no "arrival". Life is simply moments- a series of moments - each a blessing to be lived and savored...for us to experience and enjoy. In these moments we are open to our continual evolution, to the process of life, and to all of its infinite possibilities- while simultaneously embracing our [current] perfection. Tantra is about owning our self-worth and recognizing that we aren't limited. There is no destination, arrival is an illusion; the process is celebration not purification.

My beautiful friend Jo wrote a lovely definition for what Tantra yoga is, which I want to share as well...

Freedom is your birthright, woven one you and me and everything. Finding the fullness in each process, feeling fully, the sweet, the pain, the mundane. There is no end point, only more to see. We take turns leading, letting go of control and proceeding through boundaries. Whether you sit or stand, walk or run, they are all worthy states of being. You are not alone, I am you, you are me, we are everything. 

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