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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wandering Yogini

Eka Pada Koundiyanasana I
Natarajasana Variation @ Dharma Center, NYC
Utthita Trikonasana in NYC, Day 5 pose for #moveyoasana

Busting a headstand in Times Square

So I've changed my profile name to WanderingYogini on Instagram, because no one knows how to spell my name anyways. Had an epic day of classes today and I got into two poses that I've never done before. Dharma Mittra's class was exactly as I had thought it would be...straight outta India. Dharma is in his late 70's, and he was still the strongest and most flexible in the room (and it was an advanced Master Class). Nicole was cursing me the whole class, but I loved it. It was straight and to the point, no frills, as is done in the motherland. There are small cues, strong adjustments and a stern strict guidance from the teacher. There was chanting and mediation, and the longest and most amazing savasana ever. What I liked most was the unpretentious, cozy feeling of the studio. Loved it. After class we literally ran into JamD who we visited with for a few minutes before jetting uptown to Reflections Studio for an hour Afro-Flow Yoga class taught by a fellow (new) friend, Pilin. She is a little bundle of goddess joy, and her dance that was driven by the beat of the African drum was the exact opposite of Dharmas class. It was super fun, fluid, and intuitive. I can't wait to share this style with all of you! The days classes were so yin and yang, night and day, but this is what I crave in my practice and in my life- a balance of the two. So grateful for another beautiful day!

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