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Friday, September 6, 2013

Lazy Day, the Lodge, and the Quest for Almond Milk...

Day 6 of the #moveyoasana instagram yoga challenge
beautiful doorways in beautiful brooklyn
my love Rob, a kickass veggie burger (with a fried egg) and some tea @ the LODGE in BK.
Rob had this hanging up in his studio...and I love it.
Bye bye NYC.
Today was a somewhat lazy day in the city. I woke up early but lounged around the apartment in Brooklyn with JamieD's roommates. I talked travel with Rachel, love with Chloe, and had a cuddle with Pi on the couch as I read his palm and talked about craft beers and tropical fruits. Then I hopped the subway one stop to Williamsburg to meet my dear friend Rob. Rob has my heart. Period. End of sentence end of story. We enjoyed an amazing brunch at The Lodge (just off Grand Street), where I had the most delicious cup of chamomile tea and a perfectly-crafted veggie burger (topped with a fried egg!). We walked around town, arm in arm, soaking up the brilliant sun and the company of one another. I jabbered away about yoga, travel and my Dad and Rob filled me in on his most recent art projects, life in the city, and his new addiction to fresh pressed juice. He snapped some photos of me doing yoga and we hung out at his studio, going through his prints, photos and past + present projects.

I meandered around the city the rest of the afternoon, searching out a cafe with almond milk. Hooray for The Bean in the east village that has a kick ass decaf "spiced" tea, almond milk, free wifi, comfortable seats and lots of plugs (to charge up your constantly-drained iPhone!). After my (non)-caffeine fix I headed to Robs for one final hug, then onto the subway and back to Jams place. Rachel was home and we got deep into conversation about the magic of India and then, exhausted from this blissful weekend, I passed out on the couch for a short sunset cat nap. I'm hopping into Jammie's truck now and we are headed back down to south jersey, just in time for the weekend to begin...

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