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Sunday, September 1, 2013



I always have my oracle cards with me. There are two decks in particular that I am especially connected with, and at any given time I usually have one of them on me. In the Fall, one of my favorite things to do is to go to dinner at Steve and Cookies in Margate, and sometime throughout the night, pick cards with friends. The bartenders, servers, and owners are now very familiar with me and my eclectic ways...and though they all tease, they (not so) secretly love when the cards come out.

"Dumpster Diving" is the term that I use to refer to those who just dive in and pick a card. Obviously, the card that they pick is never appropriate for them or their situation. Duh. You have to *sit* with it for a bit. I either hold my hands above the cards, scanning for what feels best for me...or I shuffle the deck seven times and hold it to my heart before cutting the deck and selecting my oracle. It works best to really come into a clear mind and heart before carefully selecting a card, and it's even better to think of a question or request in your mind before picking.

To say that I have been in a transition state lately is an understatement. Ever since my dads passing nearly one year ago (it'll be one year on the 9th of this month...), my life has been nothing but a constant transition, transformation, and evolution of sorts. It has been such an exciting unfolding and I am so grateful for the journey. As most of you have read, I have recently decided to really step it up in the yoga department. Obviously this is going to be my life's path, and I feel as if it is my lifes work to share the bhakti in my heart and the knowledge that I have collected (and will continue to collect) from various teachers around the globe. I've set the intention and the ball rolling to create a website, several videos and podcasts, among other various treats to share via the world wide web. Before picking a card, as I sat with the stillness, I kept thinking of the guidance that I needed for this journey ahead. Sure enough, I picked the CHEETAH. It reads:

"Get clear on your intention, stay focused, and move quickly to achieve your goal."

Stop deluding yourself by thinking that there isn't enough time, there are too many other things to do, or youre not up to the mission that's calling you to action. These and many other beliefs are delay tactics that keep you from accomplishing what you're here to do. It's much too easy to play it safe by staying caught up in the mundane dramas of life rather than honoring Spirit's purpose for you by making a run for it.

The first step is to write out your intention as clearly as possible. Keep it nearby and create an appropriate affirmation that you can repeat several times over the course of teh day - one that states your intention as if it has already occurred. Then write out a sequence of action steps that will help you move toward your ultimate goal. Don't be shy or hesitant to think big -- bigger than you've previously allowed yourself. Once you've set the wheels in motion by doing these steps, it's time to move -- not in some frenetic, hurried way, but steady and purposeful, designing much of your activity to support what you need to do.

In all this movement, once you've successfully achieved a significant piece, take a breathere and look back on how far you've come. Give yourself a pat on the back with each step that's accomplished as a way of acknowledging your progress. Go for it!

Speed, Focus, Insight, Passion, Swiftness, Flexibility, Efficiency, Self-Esteem, Powerful, Graceful, Purposeful, Energetic, Sensuous, Accomplishment, Directness


Today I am feeling POWERFUL and AMAZING. Boom.

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