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Thursday, September 12, 2013

In the Water, Upside-Down

This was what I posted for the mornings yoga class...and I had to keep reminding myself of this every time that I tried for the headstand on the unsteady board.
Slowly Slowly...Shanti Shanti.
Coaching my yoga student and good friend Quentin into a headstand...
I needed a few day hiatus from writing the blog. The past few days have been a been heavy on the emotions, so I have just been relaxing, reading and enjoying the company of friends and family. My Auntie D flew in from California, Jbird and his fiancé were in from the west coast as well, and the festivities were a'flowin' in the Callahan house. I laughed a lot these past few days, reliving and re-telling so many stories about the adventurous, full, wonderful life that my dad led. And so the fun continued, as I healed my heart with some salt water....I joined my frieda Katie and Quentin on the bay yesterday for some paddleboarding. The sun was shining, wind was light and the bay was still. We paddled around and then played around with some headstands. It wasn't easy, but the new elements proved to make for a super fun inversion practice. We had some lunch then I grabbed a few waves down the north end in OC, getting some nose time that would have made my Dad proud. Enjoying every day. God bless.

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