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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Golden Buddhas

Slow paced living, and fast car driving. That's how I'd describe Italy. Everyone and everything is pulled together in the most elegant yet simple way. The meals are never ending, but the dishes are honest and fuss-free. "Content" is a word that I keep hearing from everyone, and it makes ME feel content. Someone said to me recently, "So, you get PAID to make people feel good? That's pretty awesome". Yeah, you're IS pretty awesome. This trip has been all about healing- the mind, body and spirit. We have meditated, screamed affirmations, explored kundalini yoga and booty-popped our way through a vinyasa. We have eaten...again...and again...and again. Stories and laughter are present at every meal we share, and slowly everyone has emerged from their clay exterior to settle into their true "golden Buddha". Years ago, one of my teachers Laura Wharf, looked me in the eyes and said, "Cailin, what is your sva dharma [life purpose]?" And I replied, "to help people enjoy their life." Thanks to Paraiso Adventures for bringing me on board to make this happen in the most delicious, elegant, relaxed and exotic way! I am so excited for all of the joy that we will bring to others through this partnership and I'm already counting down the days until our Colombia retreat! It was sad to say goodbye to all of these Golden Buddhas (or "golden boo"s as Larissa would say), but I know that ill be seeing them again soon...

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