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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

With Practice...

Me and Brookie!
talk like a sailor.  sing like a saint.
headstand bliss.
joe showing us his moves...
Patthabi Jois said "With Practice, All is Coming". I have found this statement to be so very true...

Brooke and I have been friends for a while now, and have become very close this past year. She's been coming to all of my classes and it has been so satisfying to watch her practice improve. The other day in class she popped up into a perfect headstand and I was beaming from ear to ear. I remember telling her last summer that with practice she'd get it...and sure enough- with practice, all is coming!

Brooke heads back home today, and I'm bummed to say goodbye- but she'll be back on weekends when she can get away from work. We had some great meals together, did several yoga classes, and drank lots of champagne. I gave her all the cool prezzies I had picked up for her in Asia, and she had a present for me as well - a tshirt that said "talk like a sailor, sing like a saint". And just when we thought that we had crammed as much fun into her visit as possible- we got more! Dinner at Joe and Sams! We headed to their house for tacos after yoga, and when we were talking about Brookies headstand, Joe showed us the headstand that HE'D been working on all winter! Goddang, all my amazing students are making me feel like a proud mama!

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