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Friday, May 3, 2013

Extensions and Rainy Afternoons.

I was pretty bummed to be leaving my little slice of home in Arugam Bay, but the pain of going to Colombo was eased by the fact that I was going with Nir and Ziv and that I would be collecting Adena and Luther at the airport the following day! All three of us needed to extend our visas and the boys had to get a few things for their house, so we loaded up the van and headed west into the night....

Despite our 11pm departure time, I managed to get a bit of shut eye in the van before we arrived into Colombo at 5 in the morning. Agenta drove and we therefore made it in record time. We checked into a nice hotel and then {deliriously} headed for the embassy. As instructed, we arrived an hour before they opened- and THANK GOD! Once they opened the process took 2 hours, but in total it was about 4...which is still way quicker than the horror stories which we'd heard about long lines, mass chaos, total confusion and lots of time sitting and waiting. We were numbers 4,5, and 6...hooray for that! My one month extension cost $100, it was $30 for the Israelis to extend two months, and the Czech girls we knew extended for free. Ayeyaya.

Now I'm resting up at the hotel while the boys shop in rainy Colombo. At 3:30 in the morning I head to the airport to collect my great friends Adena and Luther---and I can't wait!!!!

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