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Monday, May 20, 2013

Bye Bye Arugam Bay

I gave my longboard to Nir, my shortboard to Bathu, and my yoga mat to Yael. I got rid of more than half of my some to Yael and Mimi and throwing the rest which was well-loved (aka tattered and torn) in the trash. So as far as luggage goes, I was doing great! And then came the presents.... Nir gifted me a Carram board so I can practice practice practice and come back with some skills next year. And then Pontus arrived with a UKELELE for me! Holy good god almighty. The bounty continues! The saying "the more you give, the more you receive" is so very true. And then, the goodbyes. There weren't any tears, because I know I'll be back. I took a puff of some ganja to help with the long car ride, played one final round of world domination Carram with my favorite local boys and then had a dance party to Mark Ronsons "Somebody To Love Me". 6hr taxi ride, 2 hours to kill in Colombo airport, 3 hour flight to Mumbai, 14hr layover, 16hr flight to Newark, then 3 hour car ride home....bye bye Arugam Bay! See you soon!

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